Sierra del Carmen and the Rio Grande, Texas/Mexico

Geez, I haven't updated anything here in a really, really long time.  I've forgotten how tiny and few the photos are.  I'll see what I can do to revamp this site a bit. Later: No, I now realize this site is basically an artifact of the early days of the internet. At one time it was literally one of the top photo sites on the 'net. Imagine that! Anyway, what I'll do is put this in a museum archive here and rebuilt a nice site, that will include links to the photos of my son Caleb Jagger, a talented photographer himself.

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My photographs have been published in numerous periodicals, calendars and books including Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, National Geographic Books, Wildwater (by Richard Bangs), the Big Bend National Park calendars, the Santa Fean magazine (and many others that I can't remember right now) and have been exhibited widely in North America and Mexico, including the Institute for Texan Cultures (San Antonio, TX), the Mexican Cultural Institute (Washington, D.C.), el Museo del Arte de Juarez, Mexico, the Adair Margo Gallery (El Paso, TX) and other cool places that I get to go and drink wine and try not to make a fool of myself.  The El Camino Real Limited Edition Portfolio, co-produced with my friend and consumate photographer Jim Bones, has received widespread acclaim as a beautiful and stunning portrayal of the historic road of exploration into North America.  My photographs are included in the permanent collections of Photography Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in Austin, Texas (the largest photography collection in the world) and the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Art.

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West Texas
El Camino Real
The Big Bend
The El Camino Real Photographic Portfolio

Boring Technical Stuff: Many photographers like to know a little info about other photographer's work. I'm not the greatest record keeper in my photography - I don't write down shutter speeds or f/stops, I just calculate the exposures and trust that they'll work. The images here were either made with an old Linhof II 4x5 (pre-war German vintage) on Ektachrome 100X Plus film, or a Nikon 8008 using Kodachrome 64 or 200, or Ektachrome Lumier (which I actually like better than Kodachrome these days, and for all who care to know my opinion, I've never really liked the color balance of Velvia). I use a Pentax Digital Spot Meter to calculate the exposures and, with the 4x5, most often set the aperture at f/45 or greater. The lenses on the 4x5's are most likely a Schneider 180mm, a Rodenstock 300mm, a 10" Kodak Ektanon, or a Schneider 120mm Angulon.

Many of the images here are printed in the Dye Transfer process;  a beautiful, exacting and de facto extinct method of making color photographs.  Some are Ilfochromes and some have never been printed.

I appreciate your time here. I hope you enjoy it.

All Text and Photographs © 1980 - 2012, Todd Jagger


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